PCP_14Why Choose Pet Concierge Plus?

All pet owners will eventually come across a time when they are unable to be there for their pets (work commitments, vacation, etc). During these times, there are very few options to choose from. Here is an overview:


We’re not here to speak badly about kennels, but let’s face it – it’s just not the same as being at home!  Here are a few of the considerations you may want to keep in mind:

  • Kennels require that your pets undergo a whole lot of shots, which is a good indication that kennel environments are unhealthy.
  • Kennels offer very limited social time.
  • Kennels can be very crowded – which is stressful to your pet.
  • The uncomfortable and unfamiliar environment offered by kennels can cause extreme stress. There are countless stories of pets that lose patches of fur and stop eating or drinking while being boarded at a kennel.  Just like us, extreme stress can cause a lot of health problems for your pet.

We like to think that most kennels do what they can to make your pet comfortable, but there’s just no place like home!

Family and Friends:

It’s nice when friends and family are ready, willing, and able to help out, but you can’t always rely on their goodwill and availability.  Here are some of the challenges:

  • Routinely asking may make you feel uncomfortable – you feel like you are inconveniencing them.
  • The time it takes to pack up your pets and drop them off can be extensive, particularly if you have to drive out of your way.
  • You have to time your trip with their availability.
  • They may not treat your pets exactly how you like it, but you have to accept it because they are doing you a favor.
  • Might not entirely trust family member to care for your pet properly.

If any of these issues strike a chord with you, you’re probably better off looking for a good at-home pet care service.

At Pet Concierge Plus:

We do more than just look after the basics – we make sure your pet is as happy as possible while you’re away.  And our high level of service extends beyond taking care of your pet, to make sure that you’re happy too when you arrive back home.  Here are some reasons that we think you should choose Pet Concierge Plus: 

  • We do much more than just letting your dog outside for a quick bathroom break, feed, water… we are all life-long pet-lovers, and we’ll make your pet feel absolutely adored and cared for!
  • Pets need socialization. Most pets need to play, interact, and explore to be happy, and depriving them of this can lead to behavioural problems, or worse.
  • We can make sure your pet gets plenty of quality social and play time to keep them happy and healthy.  We love giving your dog all the exercise they can handle – we have several options that can get them the right amount of exercise and socialization.
  • We can also provide additional services, from basic obedience for dogs, to trips to the vet.  Just let us know what you and your pet need.
  • We’ll look after all of your pets, the way you would.  Dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, etc., we will play and socialize with them exactly how you tell us to and for as long as they require.
  • The scheduling of our visits is flexible to fit your needs – this could be a small number of extra long visits, or frequent quick visits – whatever suits your pet best.
  • Your pet will be in the environment they are most comfortable in – their home… no extra shots/vaccinations or other precautions that are required for kennel stays.  And, since we come to you, there is no extra time required to drop your pet off.
  • We provide customized care for you and your pet. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you and your pet are happy… if you don’t see it on our service list, just ask!
  • We are always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.  If you need to get in touch with us, or want us to keep in regular contact with you while you’re away, we’ll be there. 
  • We are fully bonded and insured, so you can rest assured that we’re providing safe, responsible, reliable, high-quality pet care. 
  • Our staff of Pet Concierge Professionals undergo extensive training, to provide the best and most consistent care.  We know how difficult it may be to let a stranger into your home to look after your pets. At Pet Concierge Plus, you can be assured that only the most trustworthy, reliable individuals work with us as Pet Concierge Professionals.  Each of them are bonded and insured, and only those that we personally would allow into our own home become apart of the Pet Concierge Plus team.

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