Pet Concierge Plus provides highly customized services to meet your particular needs.

We offer professional services at competitive rates. We have many packages and discounts with no extra charges for last minute requests, cancellations, evenings, or weekends. We are completely flexible and always available when you need us. All services can be tailored and bundled to best suit the needs of you and your pets. Services are time based, there are no additional charges for extra pets. All tasks required are included within the visit cost such as feeding, walking, litter box cleaning, medication, mail, plant watering, etc.

15 Minute Visit $16.00
30 Minute Visit $21.00
45 Minute Visit $26.00
1 Hour Visit $31.00
Off-Leash Group Walk (45 Minute + Transportation) $26.00


Multiple Visits (During Same Day)
15 Minute Visits $14.00 per visit
30 Minute Visits $19.00 per visit
45 Minute Visits $23.00 per visit
1 Hour Visits $28.00 per visit
Full Day Vacation Package (3 x 50 Minute Visits- Morning/Afternoon/Night) $65.00 total

Statutory Holidays are subject to a standard time and a half (+50%) charge

Referral Bonus -10%
Full Time * -10%

* Full Time applies to those who use Pet Concierge Plus services for 7 or more days either at one time (vacations) or within a two-week invoice period. Referral Bonus is 10% off up to $10.00 total.

HST applies to all prices.

Additional mileage charges may apply to clients outside of our service area. Please inquire for a quote.

We go above and beyond to ensure you and your pets are well taken care of – it’s what we do!

Local: 519-820-3508