Since 2009, we have served over 500 happy and satisfied families, and we’ve had the extreme good fortune to meet some really amazing pets. All ages, shape and sizes, and of course, all sorts of personalities! Each and every one is special to us, and we look forward to every run, walk, or cuddle.

Of course, behind every pet is a loving pet owner. People whose pets occupy a special place in their lives, and want the best for them. We’ve been fortunate to meet a good number of these along the way, and it’s a real pleasure to hear that they have kind things to say about us as well.

Below, you’ll find some of the wonderful words we’ve received, and we hope that we’ll have a chance to meet you and your pet very soon.

Henk and Ingrid

We have one Jack Russell Terrier, Flyer, and two desert dogs that we rescued from Egypt, Cleo and Ramses. Flyer is easy to handle and loves people, but the other two, well, let’s just say it takes them a bit of time to accept new people. Ramses and Cleo are wonderful with us, but when anyone tries to visit, they jump all over them, bark relentlessly, and take the odd nip at their feet if the guest moves too suddenly. Although they’re difficult with new people, we’re quite crazy about all three of them and just want the best for them.

Recently, we decided to travel to Spain for a couple of weeks and we were quite stressed out about what we should do with them. We had considered a pet hotel, but we knew that they would miss their home and that would compound the stress of having their pack separated — the pack leader was going to Europe!

While googling to find the best solution for our dilemma, we stumbled upon Pet Concierge Plus and we are immensely grateful that we did! We arranged an appointment with Nicole and upon meeting her we immediately felt that we had found the best possible solution. She presented herself in a very professional and pleasant manner, and after the initial excitement at the door, each one of the dogs liked her right away — even Cleo (the nipper)! While we were away, she emailed us about how they were doing and sent us pictures. It was wonderful to know that our dogs were in such capable hands. We arrived home to find three healthy happy puppies and our home in the same shape we had left it in. Since then, I bumped into Nicole when walking our dogs, and my husband and I were both astounded by the enthusiastic response she received from our dogs – especially Cleo! We will definitely be calling Nicole every time we travel. My husband and I wholeheartedly give Pet Concierge and Nicole our highest recommendation – without reservation.

With kind regards,

Henk & Ingrid, Flyer, Cleo, and Ramses



I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to look after our Miss Dixie the way we do. At 11 years old, our big old girl can still get into trouble so we were concerned about leaving her while we were on vacation. She’s used to having lots of company and interaction so I was worried she would be lonely, or stressed if she stayed with someone else. In fact I almost stayed home from the holiday while the others went… but Pet Concierge Plus came to the rescue!

I knew within seconds of meeting Nicole that there was no need to worry. All of our questions were answered with much patience and kindness. Dixie was completely happy while we were gone – in fact I doubt very much that she missed us because she received such great love and care from Nicole. All special instructions were followed and it was obvious that Dixie was well cared for.

The photos and emails we received were a nice touch. Honestly, I did not worry about Dixie once while we were gone. Even those times when we were unreachable, I knew that Nicole would look after our dog as if she were her own. Nicole went above and beyond all of our expectations looking after our Dixie and our home. Even our 7-year old goldfish did exceptionally well. We will use Pet Concierge Plus without any hesitation at all –I’m looking forward to our next worry-free holiday!

Cynthia Walsh


As a student veterinarian in my third year of studies, I realized that I did not have enough time to make sure Dax, my 1.5 year old German Shepherd, got all the exercise he needed. This is why I turned to Pet Concierge. I have so many good things to say about Pet Concierge, it is hard for me to start! To put it quickly, I have found Nicole and Pet Concierge to be reliable, trustworthy, professional, and flexible.

I was impressed by Pet Concierge right from the beginning. Nicole answered all my questions promptly and in a polite and understanding manner. After telling her that I was looking at a few other walking services, she was very understanding and professional about it, and still came to meet with us (believe it or not, other walkers we looked at didn’t show up after they found that out!).  Being the crazy pet owner I am, at the meeting I had a list of about 20 questions, which Nicole gladly answered.

For Dax’s first run, I was a little nervous about how it would go, but Nicole made me feel much better about it by sending me pictures of him having so much fun!  She is also great at working around my very hectic schedule, allowing me to cancel runs (or schedule them in) as late as the morning of that day. She has made me feel so comfortable in dealing with Pet Concierge, I can’t say I have felt like that for any other business I have ever dealt with.

One thing that really stood out to me is how she handled a certain situation. Dax is a big goofball, so needless to say, he is very accident-prone. On one of this runs, he cut his foot fairly deep on a stick. Nicole noticed blood in the back of her car, so she took Dax into her own home where she found the cut, and tended to it.  She was able to get a hold of me at that point, but I have to say I was very impressed with how calmly she dealt with that situation, and in such a caring manner.

Finally, and probably most importantly, I know Dax has lots of fun on his runs! I think Nicole is probably one of his favourite people in the world, nevermind Dax’s new girlfriend, Nicole’s dog Lola. Dax is always ready for a good nap when he gets home. Nicole is great at taking pictures, so I can regularly see how much fun he has!

I could go on, but as you can see, Pet Concierge has been totally worth it for us. Dax is really happy with his runs, and I am really happy with the exceptional service I have gotten. I highly recommend them!

– Stephanie Sharkey


I will readily admit that I am overly protective about my three dogs.  I travel sporadically on business and, when I moved to my current home, I needed to know that someone would be there to care for them in my absence.

From my first meeting with Pet Concierge Plus, I was convinced that I had met people who really care about the level of service they provide – and most importantly – about their relationship with the dogs.  I can’t begin to say how accommodating Pet Concierge Plus has been to me – whenever I have needed their support, they have made it work for me!  When I come home from a trip, my dogs are completely calm and content because they have had this wonderful interaction during the day.   And……I get written updates (and sometimes photos) that I need to give me comfort when I am not here.

I have been extremely pleased with my relationship with Pet Concierge Plus and would, without reservation, recommend their service!

Pamela D


Ever since we brought home our new puppy over a year ago, we have depended upon Pet Concierge Plus. We all know that dogs, as much as we dearly love them, can tie one down. But with Pet Concierge Plus in our life, this is never a problem. They are always so flexible, so willing, so available that we never have to worry.

We are very fussy about who handles our dog, and also fussy about how he is handled. It is most comforting to know that Nicole and Matt have taken their own dogs through multiple levels of a positive and effective dog training programs. They use this experience and expertise when working with their dogs and also with the dogs of their clients. How nice to know that all this positive training we have taken our own dog through is being reinforced when he is under their care.

We are worry free when our dog is with Pet Concierge Plus. He is safe and happy and well-cared for and comes home well exercised and content. He has such a good time I sometimes wonder if he really wants to come home. Attention is paid to each detail and every instruction with nothing forgotten. It is smooth and easy and provides peace of mind.

Without hesitation, we would highly recommend Pet Concierge Plus!


– Donna Christie


Seven loves being around people and has always been surrounded by people; he’s a member of the family. Imagine my unease when I discovered there would be no one too look after him for an extended period due to some new work commitments. What was I to do? I couldn’t leave him alone all day; that would break his heart…and mine. Therefore, I was delighted to come across Pet Concierge Plus after asking staff at my local animal hospital for a recommendation. They have been a blessing!!

Each afternoon they come by and walk Seven and spend quality time with him. He looks forward to it each day and I don’t worry about him being alone. In fact, I had to go away for awhile on a business trip and they were able to come by several times a day to make sure the house was OK and spend extended periods of time with Seven. It would kill me to put Seven in a kennel so I was thrilled that Pet Concierge Plus was there for us.

I only want the best for Seven and in Pet Concierge Plus, I’ve found it. All the staff have treated Seven with love and kindness and he feels like he’s the only dog that matters, treating him as if he were their own (Sorry, can’t have him. He’s all mine!). It’s rare to find such committed service in today’s crazy world but you certainly find it in Pet Concierge Plus.

On behalf of Seven and myself, THANK-YOU!! (WOOF!)


– A.Alex Fullick & ‘Seven’


Pet Concierge Plus,

I wanted to say THANK YOU for providing a wonderful service that is; reliable, safe, trustworthy and friendly. I can relax and focus on my day because Berkley is in your care. I have no hesitation in recommending Pet Concierge on a regular basis.


– Laura Brennan


Our fourteen year old golden, Spencer, was having difficulty moving, and we realized that we needed special care for him during the day while we were at work. Our young neighborhood dog walkers did not have the expertise required to meet his needs. We eventually encountered Pet Concierge Plus, and were thrilled at the rapport that was quickly established with him, and the care and patience that was extended to his needs which included – special feeding, extra support on the stairs, walking at a slower pace. Our younger golden, who required more exercise and games, was walked separately and had a blast. Both received the care that allowed them to be happy and content.

When our older dog passed away, our younger one was very lonely. The group walks have been perfect for him. He romps with his dog friends, swims, plays… and returns tired and peaceful. He waits by the door for his next adventure.

Pet Concierge Plus has given us peace of mind. Nicole and Matt are reliable, flexible to our needs, and we can count on special instructions being followed. More important to us is that they have consistently demonstrated their genuine concern and compassion for our animal family members, and have developed a lasting bond.

– Evan & Betty Jones


We have always considered our cats (Niki, Sasha and Mittens) as very important members of our family. My husband and I enjoy traveling and when we lived in Burlington (for 30 years), we had an excellent cat sitter who is a personal friend. When we relocated to Guelph, I was in a panic about who would take care of my dear kitties.

I found Pet Concierge Plus while doing an internet search for pet sitters. I was very pleased with how professionally Pet Concierge Plus presented their service. I signed up and never regretted it.

My cats are happy and well cared for. Their litter box is scooped daily with fresh water and food twice a day. I love the updates and pictures that are sent to me via e mail when I am traveling. It reassures me all is well. When I return the cats are content, the litter is clean and my house is how I left it.

My dear cat Mittens died suddenly in September. I had saved the Pet Concierge Plus e mail updates of my cat’s and their pictures. It was so nice to have those memories of Mittens.

We have more trips planned this year and I will be using the services of Pet Concierge Plus. I recommend Pet Concierge Plus..your pets (and your home) are in good hands. You can relax and enjoy your trip!

– Linda DeGregory


Since we were introduced to Pet Concierge Plus through The Guelph Chamber of Commerce in December, Guinevere, has become a much happier dog, and me a much more relaxed owner, My schedule doesn’t always allow me to get out for a walk as much as I’d like, so Pet Concierge Plus have rapidly become an irremovable part of my life. You might say, they were ‘dog sent’. As an owner of a construction company, and making the decision to take Guinevere to work with me, we found that some days we are in the shop all day. As I want only the best for my dog, and after much research, I called for an appointment.

After only a few weeks I was more than happy with Pet Concierge Plus because they give Guinevere the time that I do not always have. The walker assigned to us is a lovely, bright girl who has taken very well to Guinevere, just as Guinevere has become smitten with her and the other dogs in the group. I truly believe that they all really treasure their time together, which is a genuine blessing to me. I completely trust and relish in the relationship they share. I also love that we have a tailored schedule that gets refitted each week to meet my requirements. My appreciation goes deep for them not to add to my already chaotic days.

If asked, I would have to say that if you are in need of the service, your dog would suffer from the lack of it. If you are considering the service of pet Concierge Plus as a mere want, then I would have to say that you love your dog very much and want only the best for your companion.

Thank you Pet Concierge Plus. You will never know my gratitude to it’s fullest extent. I love Guinevere with all my heart and soul, and your service reflects your devotion to our lives and will only enhance them more as the days pass.

With my most sincere regards and appreciation,

– Charley Nelson


Our wedding day was approaching, one problem we were facing was where to place our dog, a kennel is too overwhelming and he’s very timid towards new people. Within minutes of meeting Pet Concierge Plus he was happy and playing. What a joy our wedding was without having to worry about him.


Pet Concierge Plus was an exceptional service, we recommend them and will definitely use them again.




– Andrew & Megan





I feel so much better after using your services.


I want to be there with him all the time and this makes it so much easier. I know he’s being taken care of as well or better than I. This means a lot to me, and him.




Thanks so much for coming by last night. John and I were definitely impressed – it was the most professional any pet sitting person/business has been. We are so pleased to find a trustworthy service, particularly when we travel so much.

If you are thinking of getting in touch with Pet Concierge Plus – do it! You won’t regret it.

– Jenn MacTavish


I am so relieved! Thank you both so much for your attentiveness to the dogs & for keeping us up to date. It makes such a difference when you don’t feel worried about your babies.

Appreciated more than you know!

– Cathernine Darnell



Our 12 year old cat Twiggy was recently diagnosed as diabetic, requiring an insulin injection and special feeding at a consistent time, twice a day. Her health depended on one of us being available each morning and evening or having someone we could trust to care for her in our absence. Before Pet Concierge Plus, we were concerned about how we were going to ensure Twiggy’s health and well being while still maintaining a reasonable life style including being way from home either overnight or for more extended vacations.

We are very pleased with Pet Concierge Plus because they have followed though when we have planned for them to come and responded quickly whenever we needed them due to unforeseen circumstances.

We were traveling recently and our return home was unavoidably delayed by a full day due to mechanical problems with the plane (another story). We emailed Lindsay late that evening, and she ensured that Twiggy was fed, received her injection and the litter issues were managed early the next morning and evening.

What we would say if someone is considering hiring Pet Concierge Plus? We have found the service to be reliable, responsive on short notice, reasonably priced and provided by people who clearly enjoy caring for animals.

– Kevin Morris and Mary Simpson



Prior to Pet Concierge Plus, our cat would get lonely and gain weight while we were away for long periods. We did not know anyone reliable in the area that we could trust to take care of her.

We are very happy with Pet Concierge Plus because they were very caring towards our cat, and provided us with constant updates while we were away. They were professional and trustworthy. I could tell when we returned from our trip that our cat was very different from times we had left her alone before. She had not gain weight and did not cry and follow us around when we got home. Our house was tidy, and even the few dishes we had left had been washed!

Pet Concierge Plus is definitely a great choice for pet care. I will be having them back again and again.

– Kaitlin Wilmshurt




Before Pet Concierge Plus, I was worried about leaving my cat during the holidays and having to find someone to care for him, but now that I’ve found Pet Concierge Plus, I feel much better leaving for some period of time and not having to worry about what might happen. I’m very happy with Pet Concierge Plus because they not only cared for my cat wonderfully while I was away but they also took the time to send me pictures and updates.

They were also very accommodating with me even though I contacted them last minute.

I would definitely recommend Pet Concierge Plus for anyone looking for someone to care for their pets while they’re away and I would say to anyone who is considering hiring Pet Concierge Plus that their pets are in great hands and that they won’t have to worry about a single thing while they’re away.

– Clara Me