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Our Background

I have had pets all my life. Everything from dogs, cats, and birds to fish, hamsters, you name it. My grandparents even still have a barn full of chickens and rabbits. As a child I always dreamed that I would find a way to work with animals every day. I currently have two loving cats, along with two young rambunctious Australian Shepherds. My dogs will usually come everywhere that they can, but when something arises where they are unable; I have often wondered what to do with them. I have often felt that asking family or friends to care for them was asking too much, especially my mischievous Aussies. I am a super protective ‘pet mom’ to my animals. I have never liked the thought of taking them to a strange place; I want them to be able to stay where they feel comfortable and safe. They are loyal and attached dogs, and going to a kennel is not an option for them.

It was on that thought that Pet Concierge Plus was founded. I was truly amazed at what a professional and caring business it was when I became a pet care professional in 2009. We have seen and experienced a need for professional pet care, and we hope to be a solution.

My partner Matt and I seized the opportunity to take the business as our own in early 2011. It has been a phenomenal experience for us, and keeps getting better.

We have had the pleasure of meeting so many fantastic people and their pets. We take the time to form a real bond and connection with each of them. Knowing that pets feel safe, happy, and loved while their families aren’t around is what drives us. We find so much reward in each minute we spend with the pets, they always find a way to put a smile on our faces!

The Company

Pet Concierge Plus is a trusted, fully bonded and insured, full-service pet and home care company, providing exceptional care and attention to both the pet and owner. Based in southern Ontario, our growing company provides our clients with a level of service that’s above and beyond the usual call of duty. We pride ourselves on our organized and professional approach to bringing you and your pets the very best in personalized pet care service.

The People

Perhaps our greatest strength comes from who we are as individuals.  We are a team of people who truly love pets – from the biggest dog, to the smallest mouse. We are people you can depend on to treat your pet, and your home, with the highest level of care and respect. We are people who know what it’s like to be away from our pets (and miss them!), and we know the importance of peace of mind. We are a company of people that you can count on. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we’ll take care of it – it’s what we do!

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