How do I know that my pets (and home) are safe with PC+?

At Pet Concierge Plus, we understand how important your pets are – we’re pet owners too!  We wouldn’t  have anyone looking after our own pets and homes that we didn’t feel comfortable with, and neither should you.  That’s why we take hiring the right people extremely seriously.

We begin by seeking out individuals that are willing to undergo an involved evaluation process.  All Pet Concierge Professionals are thoroughly screened, including reference checks and a police background check.  We ask a lot of questions, and do a lot of interviews. We take the time to make sure that we understand who they are as people. They need to be responsible, personable, and reliable… and of course, they have to be outstanding with pets!  For those new candidates that pass our screening process, there’s still a training requirement which (among other things) involves an in-the-field mentoring and evaluation period.   This is what it takes to earn the title ‘Pet Concierge Professional’.

We have high standards because we believe that our clients have high standards.  We believe in taking all the time and care required so that we can be sure that all our clients receive the same outstanding level of service.  We believe that quality service and peace of mind is the foundation of our company’s promise to you.  We’ll take care of it – it’s what we do.

If you have any questions or concerns about pet care-at-home services, we’d love to talk to you and have you meet our team.  Give us a call.