Why not get my neighbour/friend/family to quickly let out my dog or feed and water the pet(s) instead of hiring a Pet Concierge Professional?

Domesticated pets are by nature very social, and require time to explore, play and socialize. In fact most behaviour problems in pets stem from emotional unhappiness.

Dr. Temple Grandin, a world-renowned animal behavioural scientist, recommends care that looks after both the physical and emotional needs of your pets.  Failure to provide pets with adequate stimulation and companionship can lead to a variety of outcomes, from behaviour problems, to health issues.

Hiring a Pet Concierge Professional ensures you are getting a knowledgeable, professional individual that will care for your pet to ensure that their physical AND emotional needs are well looked after. No brief bathroom breaks or quick feedings, our pet care experts will spend quality time with your pet to attend to all of their needs.  We are absolutely committed to making sure that your pet is happy and healthy.